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    Needle (Plastic)



    Needles (Plastic) comes in cute assorted colors.

    Needles can endure rough handling and countless sewing.

    Safe, blunt plastic tip and easy to use made for children.

    Makes a great tools for making arts and crafts for school and home.

    Use the lacing needles to string beads, sew buttons, or any multitude of activities.

    Using the Lacing Needles helps children adjust to using different shapes tools in their hands.

    It helps them because the needle is fine and small, and they have small hands and are usually used to chunky crayons, and brushes- so it’s good practice for them holding a smaller object as they graduate to pencils and pens and other small work tools like fine paint brushes.

    Working with the Lacing needles is also great for aiming and hand-eye-coordination which is another facet of developing fine motor skills – them actually getting the needle to go where they want it can be a challenge for some at first but because it’s a simple task they are more likely to stick with it and therefore get better.

    Any ‘fine motor skills’ type activity helps build strength in their hands, so be it practicing sewing, play-dough, using scissors etc it is important that the kids get strength in their hands so that they can steadily and accurately use tools such as needles, scissors, hold a pencil and so forth.

    One per unit

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