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Weighted Blankets - Classic Range - Child


Weighted Blankets - A weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds like, a blanket that literally has small weights inside of it.

The goal is to make the blanket so it’s a little heavy and applies a firm consistent pressure to the body that is underneath of it! Weighted blankets come in all sorts of sizes and textures (personally made by us according to the adult or child’s age and or weight).

Weighted Blankets and the Sensory Connection

Weighted blankets can have an almost magic effect on some kids sleep. The constant pressure can be very relaxing, decrease anxiety, and help the body transition into sleep.

For some kids (and adults) that have trouble sleeping, the problem lies in their brain and the body’s ability to actually calm down. For those of us that sleep well, it’s something we take for granted, but an actual shifting of gears takes place in our mind to physically prepare our body for sleep.  When easing into a lower state of arousal isn’t possible, weighted blankets can be a physical aide to help our kids drift into sleep.

This difficulty with switching between our arousal levels is often linked to sensory processing.

In particular, weighted blankets give proprioceptive input and tactile input. That input can be very calming and relaxing in general. It’s also why weighted blankets can also be used to relax at any time, not just for sleep. Look for more ways to use a weighted blanket at the end of the post.

Are Weighted Blankets for Autism, Children, or Adults?

Some children don’t process information from their senses as well as others, so they seek it out or avoid it more. A lot of children have unique sensory needs, and may respond well to a weighted blanket, and have no diagnosis. But, kids with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) have definite sensory needs, which is why weighted blankets are often recommended for kids with these diagnoses.

But, sensory needs are unique to every individual, diagnosis or not. And, weighted blankets are an investment in money.

While it may be tremendously helpful for a child or adult with or without sensory needs, Autism, or SPD to use a weighted blanket to improve falling asleep or staying asleep, it also may not at all. For most they stop climbing out of her bed so much and sleep through the night when they have it on.

At the same time though, there are plenty of kids that it just don’t work for.

It’s worth your time thinking through some signs that your child may or may not like a weighted blanket, because if they don’t like it, they won’t use it. And, we never want to force them to.

Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Cancer Anxiety

Weighted blankets are increasing in popularity in their use with cancer patients to help ease the challenging aspects of treatment, as well as their anxiety during treatment. Patients living with cancer are prone to the stress and anxiety of testing, being diagnosed, going through treatment, and wondering if it will come back. Some people who experience anxiety may not find relief through medication alone, thus other methods of managing anxiety, such as the use of a weighted blanket, can help.

Signs Your Child May Respond to a Weighted Blanket

  • Loves sleeping or laying under piles of blankets or heavy comforters.
  • Enjoys crawling into tight spaces or behind furniture
  • Has difficulty (even after a lot of physical activity) relaxing and sitting still
  • Likes wearing heavy sweatshirts and sweaters
  • Signs Your Child May Not Respond to a Weighted Blanket:
  • Is tactile defensive (very sensitive to touching different textures)
  • Does not like sleeping or laying under blankets

How to Use a Weighted Blanket

This may seem a bit obvious, but I want to give you some more ideas for how to use your weighted blanket!

  • First and foremost, NEVER force a child to use a weighted blanket. You can demonstrate on yourself and encourage, but remember we’re talking about sensory input and a weighted blanket may actually feel painful to your child.
  • When first presenting the weighted blanket to your child, pull it up slowly from their feet and lay it down on top of them. Ask them what they think!
  • If your child could benefit from some calm down time outside of bedtime, try wrapping the weighted blanket around them while they sit on the couch or floor while reading, playing board games, doing homework, etc.
  • Put inside a sensory tent that you use as a place to calm down. Your child can go in and use it whenever they need it!
  • Weighted blankets can also be used in a classroom setting (most schools would prefer a lap pad so check with your school first), as part of a sensory diet. Some classrooms have sensory tents or corners of their own.

Recommended Weight for Weighted Blankets (Important for Kids)

These are only guidelines, but too much weight may not be good for kids. You’ll also want to consider the actual size of the blanket. If it’s very large, a lot of the blanket won’t be touching your child, so it can be a little heavier.

Your weighted blanket is filled with premium 400 - 800 micron glass microspheres. The glass microspheres are too small to break and also scores an 9 on the hardness test (diamonds score a 10). It gives the blanket a smooth feeling, no bumps.

In our product range we offer the following variants

  • Bespoke          -           100% cotton quilt front, Egyptian cotton back
  • Luxury            -           100% Egyptian cotton back and front
  • Classic            -           100% cotton front, Egyptian cotton back
  • Basic               -           100% grey cotton twill front and back

Dimensions (custom sizes on order)

  • Baby Blanket             -           73 x 75cm
  • Toddler Blanket         -           80 x 120cm
  • Child Blanket             -           100 x 150cm
  • Adult Blanket             -           120 x 180cm
  • Large Adult Blanket   -           150 x 200cm

Available colours

For this option, please contact us in order to discuss which current fabric choices we have available due to the high demand. Discuss sizes, weight, etc.

  • This service is available, on all our ranges, at an extra charge of R150.00 per blanket. We provide the ability to have name(s) or picture embroidery.
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