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    Sassoon Alphabet Boards - Capital and Lower Case Letters (with Lines)



    Sassoon Alphabet Boards - Capital and Lower Case Letters : The letter boards give children the opportunity to practise perfect letter formation and establish good writing habits from the start.

    Using the stylus promotes finger strength and pencil control, both necessary for quick, accurate writing.

    Tracing over the letters also increases children’s familiarity with the sounds connected to the letters.

    This is the start of ‘sounding out’, a critical skill for reading and spelling.

    Develop and improve :

    • Fine motor coordination
    • Hand-eye coordination
    • Spatial orientation
    • Mid-line crossing
    • Reading and writing development

    Finger trace boards take handwriting ‘back to basics’ where children use their fingers to trace over large letters, numbers, shapes, patterns and doodles.

    Finger trace letter boards welcome children to the world of letters in a fun way.

    Playing with these boards builds familiarity and confidence with letters.

    As children play, they start to compare differences and similarities between letters.

    They also start to recognise the letters in their name.

    This early letter knowledge serves as a strong foundation for learning to read, write and spell.

    Available in various colours : Red, Blue, Green, Aqua, Yellow & Pink

    Print Style : Sassoon print

    Lines :  with Lines

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