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Clear Communication Masks - Adult (per unit)


Clear Communication Masks - Adult (per unit)

Our Clear Communication Masks have been specially designed for use by therapists and teachers when communicating with their patients or school pupils.

We all realise the importance of non-verbal skills in communication, and this includes movement of the mouth. When the mouth is occluded from speech, children could struggle to follow verbal instructions and lose potential learning opportunities.

For this reason, we have specially created a mask with a clear visor over the mouth, enhancing and clarifying communication skills to children.

The design of all Clear Communication Masks are super comfortable with a snug fit over the nose. The soft fabric ties, which fit around the ears,  do not apply much pressure on the ears (which we all feel from wearing masks all day long).

The mask simply ties at the back of the neck allowing for a super comfortable fit.

If you would prefer, Clear Communication Masks can also be made with a double elastic band around the back of the head.

In addition, the space at the bottom jaw and chin allow for ventilation while wearing the mask. This prevents the mask from misting up! The mask is really easy to slip off of your face and hang around your neck in moments when you need an extra breather. This should happen at least once every hour - you will need to remove your mask from your face and take a few deep breaths.

This mask is three layers and made by hand with quality fabric and stitching.  The clear plastic visor in the front of the mask has been added to make our Clear Communication Masks unique and functional.

Our Clear Communication Masks are machine washable and can be sun-dried and then pressed with an iron if you wish.

Clear Communication Masks would be perfect for use when communicating with the deaf, for use in schools, old age homes, for lecturing purposes and therapeutic treatment.

*Comes in adult and children sizes

*Sold in singular units or box of 10

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