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Shaping little superheroes into tomorrows’ world leaders!!!!

“Early Childhood Development is the all-round development of our children to help them to further develop into childhood and adulthood. The development of babies, toddlers and young children form the foundation for all further development that a child undergoes.

Childcare services (playgroups, day-care, pre-school, etc.) represent much more than just a social event or drop-off location for working parents, they play a vital part in the development of children. They give children an opportunity to engage in a variety of educational and social activities.

During early childhood rapid development (physical, cognitive and emotional) takes place, this development is crucial in readying children for school. Children who are ready for school will be friendly, confident, and social; they will have good peer relationships, language skills and they will communicate well. School-ready children will be less likely to fail a grade and will perform better overall.” – ECD

It is for this sole purpose that FitBrain is passionate in supplying the widest and most varied range of educational games, creative kits, puzzles and teaching aids to help shape and grow the minds of the future leaders of tomorrow!!!

FitBrains’ aim is to stimulate a solid foundation for developing a child’s understanding of the universes of colour, shape, texture and size. Each of our products have been carefully selected as a tool to stimulate and develop a child to his or her full potential. The FitBrain products will contribute to stimulate children through their various stages of development.

FitBrains’ product range addresses these specific skills, whether it is a child's first or second language: visual perception; concentration; memory; logic and reasoning; hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills; gross motor skills; number skills; reading; sequencing and understanding letters.

Fitbrain is the latest addition to the online shopping experience offered by RBI Energy Solutions. Our other operational platforms are Gym Retailers (www.gymretailers.co.za) and Gym Wholesalers (www.gymwholesalers.co.za).

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Gym Retailers provide an online shopping experience for the purchase of sport accessories and fitness accessories. Fitbrain team is really excited to be offering a state-of-the-art online shopping experience for our range of educational toys and games. All of our platforms are supported by our payment portal using the PayFast system.
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Gym Wholesalers
Gym Wholesalers is focussed on the business to business transactional model where we support the gym, health and fitness industry through our offering of commercial equipment and services. Gym Wholesalers provide professional gym service, maintenance and spare parts to gym owners, corporate gyms and the hospitality sectors.
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We look forward to providing an opportunity for you to transact seamlessly with our business.
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